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Video on Demand ( VOD )


A new era of content monetization

$VOD app now follows the subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) model made popular by Netflix. This means that users can now create their own videos with their own subscription prices and upload videos to there channel. The app allows users to host their videos on the Blockchain and deal with them using $VOD token.
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 $VOD Blockchain tech can get you paid on Subscribe & Watch

Creators have a hard time monetizing their content globally with strict rules applied on the existing platforms. $VOD web3 app will solve those issues and it can get you paid global audience

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Millions of users around the world

Decentralized streaming solutions offer several benefits over traditional streaming methods, including securitytransparencycost-effectiveness, and freedom from censorship. By leveraging blockchain technology, content creators can provide their audiences with a more secure and reliable way to stream live content.

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Benefits of decentralized streaming solutions

Security: Decentralized streaming solutions use encryption and decentralized networks to ensure that content is secure and cannot be tampered with. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and piracy of content.

Transparency: Decentralized streaming solutions provide transparency by allowing users to see how content is being distributed and how revenue is being shared among different parties.

Cost-effective: Decentralized streaming solutions can be more cost-effective than traditional streaming methods, as they eliminate the need for intermediaries and expensive infrastructure.

Minimal censorship: Decentralized streaming solutions provide content creators with the freedom to publish their content with minimal censorship or minimal interference from admin.

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Our company was founded in 2023. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.


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Our company was founded in 2023. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.