$VOD ( Video on Demand ) is a Web3 video streaming Platform


Video On Demand


A Blockchain based Decentralized On Demand Video Streaming Platform ($VOD)




Decentralized storage

subscription-based video-on-demand concept

First and foremost, $VOD app now follows the subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) model made popular by Netflix. This means that users can now create their own videos with their own subscription prices and upload videos to there channel. The app allows users to host their videos on the Blockchain and deal with them using $VOD token.

Main advantages

A new era of content monetization

 $VOD Blockchain tech can get you paid


Low management fees

Upload & Stream with low management & low Subscription fees on $VOD web3 App. creators stream their content globally.


Global monetization

Creators have a hard time monetizing their content globally with strict rules applied on the existing platforms. $VOD web3 app will solve those issues and it can get you paid global audience


Video based subscription

Creators can now create their own videos with their own subscription prices in $VOD web3 App.


IPFS Decentralized 

We have also made a big change in terms of storage, by implementing IPFS as a decentralized storage solution.


Blockchain-Based Profile

Digital identity-based account creation that contains immutable users interests and info

Easy to use

Connect our $VOD App to Metamask wallet to get subscribe and content creation.

Tokenomics & Audit

The $VOD on the Binance smart chain network with a maximum supply of 1 Quadrillion. The team burns specific amount of tokens when it reaches a specific amount of marketcap & developments towards eco-system.

$VOD Details

Name – Video on Demand
Ticker – VOD
Network – BSC
Contract Address – 0xaEfd700cDD80fab5De1B189a0f17250d5e9a6Fe8

Total Supply – 1 Quadrillion

Monetize your video content globally with $VOD App

VOD app work while you just live.


Q1 – 2024

  • Contract deployment on BSC
  • VOD Movies App Development
  • VOD Movies App – Beta Launch
  • VOD Movies App – Main Launch
  • ICO – Presale
  • CG & CMC Listing
  • DEX Listing
  • 10000+ holders & creators
  • Q3 & Q4 – 2024
  • CEX ( Centralized Exchange Listing ) 
  • VOD Social App – Development
  • VOD Social App – Beta Launch
  • VOD Social App – Main Launch
  • Multi IPFS connection for VOD Apps
  • Top Tier CEX listing
  • 100000+ holders & Creators
  • Q1 – 2025
  • VOD W2E ( Watch to Earn ) App – Development
  • VOD W2E App – Beta Launch
  • VOD W2E App – Main Launch
  • 200000+ holders & Creators
  • Q2 & Q3 – 2025
  • VOD C2E ( Create to Earn ) App – Development
  • VOD C2E App – Beta Launch
  • VOD C2E App – Main Launch
  • 300000+ holders & Creators
  • Q4 – 2025
  • AVOD App – Development
  • AVOD App – Beta Launch
  • AVOD App – Main Launch
  • 400000+ holders & Creators
Hear from the beta testers

VOD app to get monetize and subscribe. $VOD Decentralized Video Streaming App

Great! Compared to everything else I’ve ever used, this is the best technology.

Now content creators can monetize globally with their content. Its great work !

Short film maker

I can able to watch premium content in a faster way

Paul Rojers

Wow ! Excellent platform to get monetize my training videos across the borders.

Nick Green

Monetize your video content globally with $VOD App

 $VOD Blockchain tech can get you paid